Shriji Drishtam (Vision)

To make all aware of ancient roots of our rich culture and heritage which has always made us proud on the global platform, Shriji quoted golden words with deep meaning as -

“विश्व के क्षितिज पर, भारत के अध्यात्म सूर्य का उदय होगा,
और होकर ही रहेगा, जो विश्व को ज्ञान का प्रकाश दान में देगा”

These are not just words but reflect the clear ideology of Shriji towards our Motherland and strong confidence to bring back the Nation’s pride which has vanished from our thoughts.

We are unaware of the importance of our own renowned culture which is capable of directing the entire mankind. Shriji always says that we have the potential to educate, mobilise and guide the entire world which our ancestors had proved with tons of examples long ago.

It is our duty to preserve our heritage and utilise it for the service of all creatures. India is known for its values, wisdom and culture, thus was recognised as a ‘Golden Bird’ centuries ago. Shriji still feels that our nation can even now retain the same dignity and honour with its integrity in diversities.

The entire world is in intense need of peace and harmony. Everyone is searching for a way out to bring back stability in their life. Shriji believes that our ancient principles can bring back divinity to the earth. The dawn of happiness will arise again expanding light of bright knowledge across the sky which can enlighten humanity. The efforts of Shriji are portrayed to achieve the assured goal to regain the significance of “Akhand Bharat – the pride of all Indians” and establish the supreme regime of Bharat as “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.

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