Pujya Maiyaji

Generally people are very inquisitive to know about the life story of great people along with their spiritual discourses. Most of the devotees have been fortunate to have holy glimpse (Darshana) of ‘H. H. Maiyaji’ but are unaware of her ascetical life. Like the depth of the sea cannot be measured, the unexplainable cannot be explained, the unlimited one cannot be bound in limits, similarly, the true persona of ‘Maiyaji’ cannot be limited by penning it down in few words, it’s just impossible. Actually, the truth is that a child can never ever describe its mother, unless the mother lets herself make explainable or blesses for so, nobody can deeply understand her.

‘Maiyaji’ loves to be in solitude (Ekant Priya), therefore nobody knows who SHE is? What SHE is? At what stage of equanimous She is residing? This is impossible to understand. Great people like HER deliver their message through their behaviour or life. Often when ‘Maiyaji’ used to sit with ashram’s sadhikas (devotees) to solve their spiritual questions, the sadhikas wrote down the conversations between them and ‘Maiyaji’ in their diary for their reference. Using those conversations as base, we got to know the valuable insights of ‘Maiyaji’s’ life which are compiled in book “THE DEPTH OF WISDOM - ज्ञान की गहराई” to satisfy the curiosity of spiritual seekers. This book features Maiyaji’s divine qualities like sacrifice, faithfulness, devotion, modesty, self-control, kindness, service motive, selfless deeds, being least bothered about vices and virtues coming across, simplicity, being egoless, sympathetic, etc. May the divine grace of ‘Maiyaji’ keep flowing and showering on us.

The Depth Of Wisdom 'ज्ञान की गहराई'

Devotee: Maa! What is the goal of human life? Pujya Maiyaji : The ultimate goal of human life is the realisation of self. One has to achieve it, irrespective of whether he does it in one birth or thousand births. Devotee: Maa! What should we do to achieve this goal? Pujya Maiyaji : Do sadhana, seek company of saints and follow their preaching’s. Devotee: Maiyaji! What is the strength of a Sadhak ? Pujya Maiyaji : Prayer is the strength of a Sadhak, like a mother fulfils the wishes/demand of her crying child, GOD also listens to the prayers of His devotee who is truly longing for Him (when you remove the words from a prayer, only emotion are left and its most dear to GOD)


Devotee: Maa! What is ‘sadhana’? Pujya Maiyaji : By doing which, the thoughts and mind goes upward, gets peaceful, enhances devotion for God that is called ‘Sadhana’. There is one story in ‘Vedanta’ that a bird who is surrounded by sea from all sides when gets tired by flying nonstop, it takes shelter on some boat, similarly when our senses get tired by roaming here and there, they take shelter in the soul. Bringing back the roaming senses to that one supreme being is called as “Sadhana”. Devotee: Maa! Who is a Sadhak? Pujya Maiyaji : One, who is an austere and achieves the ultimate goal of life. Devotee: What is the ultimate goal? Pujya Maiyaji : Refraining from worldly pleasures, having devotion for God and freeing oneself from the cycles of life and death.

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