Cow Is Wow
Cow Is Wow
Gavyedha /
Cow is considered as the mother of humanity. Shriji’s belief in cows is noticeable. Cows are attached with Shriji and live as a family. For Shriji, Cow is an important part of life as Shriji’s day starts with offering and Gau Grass(Cow Feed). Shriji states that cows have the solution for all our problems. Shriji’s trust on cows is very strong as the affection which is highly accepted by COW and can be observed clearly. Serving cows is our moral duty as we consume dairy products. Rather Shriji states we never serve cows, in fact cows serve us. So it becomes our responsibility to take care of our mother..
Shriji loves to be with cows and they even respond to the affection of Shriji. Shriji enjoy serving cow personally in gaushala or even anywhere in the road side..
Ramnavmi/Janmashtami/ Budhpurnima is celebrated for one day while Navratri is celebrated for 18 days in a year.Woman is always a centre of infinite energy. She is the source of all wisdom, gracefulness, sweetness, tenderness. The Universal Mother is the deity or energy behind the country, its art, culture, Yoga and spirituality.

That Shakti can bless all of us, but only if we honour it in our society and in our own families. Shriji peps up the girls and ladies with confidence, motivation and passion to unleash their potential and inspire them to move out of powerless-ness and limitation, and into the fullness of who she is as a human being.She always stresses that a Woman herself is enough for anything while a man could be complete or successful only with support of a woman in form of mother/wife/sister or friend. Woman is a power of service, sacrifice and sharing not of domination and exploitation.Shriji also supports women seeking employment opportunities..
Gavyacare /
Cow is a gift of GOD with innumerable benefits. Nowadays science believes that Cow has extraordinary possibilities to serve the health sector as well as enhance ecological balance in low budget also easily accessible to all. Gavya Care is thus very effective with no adverse effects broadly known as Panchagavya Therapy, Shriji states we never serve cows, rather cows serve us. Panchagavya Therapy is ideal treatment for any kind of illness especially for incurable diseases like cancer, viral and bacterial infections. Results of Gavyacare are miraculous and unbelievable.
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