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Shriji Charitam
Shriji is an ideal of complete abidance in truth, endless brightness that has come to kindle the light of righteousness in many hearts and immense simplicity with source of inspiration for all of us. A great visionary and a born leader who can lead everyone with innateness. An eloquent poet, writer and an orator by birth.
A Sympathetic merciful heart with lots of affection for all creatures who always takes care of the poor and needy compassionately. A strictly self-disciplined attitude devoted towards service without any excuse or personal pain or concerns. A versatile personality with great selfless ideas – Yuvacon for youths.
Daily Darshanam
Shri Maiya Ji's today's darshan Shri Maiya Ji's today's darshan

Latest Darshanam of Pujya Maiya Ji and Prernamurti Shriji

It is said that one is fortunate if he gets to do darshanam of Pujya Maiya Ji and Shriji. Also getting a sight of such saints brings good luck and a great fortune. By doing darshanam daily one can feel his spiritual growth as one gets the benefit of their positive aura.
Auspicious tithis like 'ekadashi' and 'purnima' are considered best to do darshanam. On every purnima one gets a chance to do darshanam of Pujya Maiyaji and Shriji. Those who are seekers of spirituality, do not miss this chance of shubh darshanam.
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Utpatti Ekadashi

30th November, 2021


Margshirsh Purnima

18th December, 2021


Guru Nanak Jayanti, Kartik Purnima

19th November, 2021

Recent Uploads

In every aspect of life, be it spirituality, healthy living or even daily dose of taking God's name (Sankirtan), one can find everything on Prernamurti Bharti Shriji's youtube channel. This channel features meditation, a spiritual talk, bhajan, kirtan and expirience of seekers. Videos are updated thrice a week. So stay tuned for latest content !

Immunity Booster - Achutaay Sankirtan

On chanting the various names of Lord, like Anantaaya, Achutaay and Govindaay, our conscience starts uniting with the God and we can feel internal bliss. Listening this sankirtan daily makes human void of all sins and material world's heat. One can chant this mantra while looking into water and consume that. This process benefits any kind of health issue and ensures strong immunity.

Instant Inspiration - Series

This series is a collection of short motivational video clips. In today's era, full of rush, one hardly gets any time for himself and soon feels demotivated and depressed. These video clips aim to help you out of such mental obstacles which stop you from achieving your goal. These clips provide a good mind refreshment and can be forwarded to our contacts as a morning motivation.

Prabhu Mein Tera
Bi-Monthly Magazine
Prabhu Mein Tera is a bimonthly magazine encompassing in-depth articles on various topics viz. Mind, Seva, Sadhana, Yoga, Health, etc. drawn from the Spiritual discourses of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji. It also features the information about forthcoming festivals, events & programs. We also feel very blessed to announce that, we are adding another feather into our cap of ❝ Seva ❞ by introducing E-MAGAZINE for our ❝ Prabhu Mein Tera ❞ family.
Available In: English, हिन्दी, ગુજરાતી, मराठी,

Shriji Prerna
Haritkarnti - Save Nature to Ensure Future

Navdha - A step towards new way of life

Navdha, exclusively for girls, is a unique and innovative program dedicated to inspire and guide girls to re-connect with their “REAL” selves and impart self-esteem, Self Confidence through art, movement (Yoga and Dance), discussion and a variety of other dynamic activities in order to learn tools to successfully navigate through issues every girl faces today.

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Masttshaala - Vedic Summer Camp

Masttshaala - Vedic Summer Camp

Shriji initiated Masttshaala, a unique Vedic summer camp for the children to develop their inherent qualities. It is a dynamic course consisting of activities, games and tales for children to learn with fun hence IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient)are achieved in true sense.

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Yuvacon - An Icon for Youth

Yuvacon - An Icon for Youth

Youths are pillars of the nation. Youngsters have the ability to transform the Nation. Through Yuvacon, seminars and workshops are organized in schools and colleges by a team comprising of qualified doctors, professors, psychologists & Counsellors to deal with teenage problems, provide suitable solutions and encourage them to lead a happy, healthy & respectful life while treading on the right path.

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Gavyedha - Cows for One and All

Shri Lilashah Ji Gaushala

Cow is considered as the mother of humanity. Shriji’ s belief in mother cow is noticeable. Her day starts with offering Gau Grass(Feeding mother cow). Shriji states that cows have the solution for all our problems. Serving cows is our moral duty. Rather Shriji states that we never serve cows, in fact cows serve us. So, it is our responsibility to take care of our mother cow.

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The Depth of Wisdom

By Pujya Maiyaji

The depth of sea cannot be measured, the unexplainable cannot be explained, the unlimited cannot be bound in limits, similarly, the true persona of ‘Maiyaji’ cannot be explained by penning it down in few words. ‘Maiyaji’ loves to be in solitude. Great people like HER deliver their message through their conduct. The valuable insights of Maiyaji’s life are compiled in book “THE DEPTH OF WISDOM - ज्ञान की गहराई” to satisfy the curiosity of spiritual seekers. This book features Maiyaji’s divine qualities like sacrifice, faithfulness, devotion, self-control, kindness, Seva, selfless deeds, etc.

Devotee: Maa! What is the goal of human life?

Maiyaji : The ultimate goal of human life is the realisation of self. One has to achieve it, irrespective of whether he does it in one birth or thousand births.

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