Shriji Journey
Journeys 2018

Makar Sankranti

16th January, 2018

On the auspicious day of Makar Sakranti, where on one hand, few people enjoy and celebrate by flying kites, eat til & gud (sesame & jaggery). On the other hand, there are some, who even have to work hard for two ends meet. H.H Shriji, from time to time, celebrates festivals amongst such people...

Narmada Jayanti

24th January, 2018

On the auspicious occasion of Narmada Jayanti, around the flowing crops of banana and cotton, Shriji and other devotees performed puja of ‘Holy Narmada River’. In the evening Shriji light diyas in the river and made everybody do the same. After lighting of diyas, Shriji started meditation and with the...

Spritual Discourse

31st January, 2018

“Deities use their merits, on the other hand, man earns merits for himself”. Just like a person who cooks is free and the one who eats is bound, similarly, man has more freedom than the deities. Deities are those who spend their bank balance of merits and man is one who can increase his balance of merits by...

Chetichand Festival

18th March, 2018

Badly tortured with the atrocity of Mirkh Emperor, when the aggrieved citizens of his kingdom outcried and prayed to Supreme Lord, the God took the incarnation of Lord Jhulelal and freed the citizens from his victimisation by killing him and blessed the devotees with a peaceful life. This year, to celebrate...

Raam Navami

25th March 2018

There are generally 4-6 members in a family. Even those 4-6 don’t live with each other with unity. If mother in law says something, daughter in law will say opposite and like that other relations of the house. Everyone in the house has different thoughts and opinions. If seen through the eyes of outsiders...

Somvati Amavasya

15, 16th April, 2018

On the occasion of Chaturdashi yukta Amavasya ( 14th day of waxing phase or waning phase of moon combined with new moon) and 16.4.18 Somvati Amavasya (Amavasya falling on Monday); Bhandara (giving alms to the poor) was organized on a large scale in Kubereshwar Mahadev Temple in Moletha (Gujarat) wherein thousands...

Akshaya Tritiya

18th April, 2018

With the inspiration of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji, for the welfare of one and all, a hugh drive of Akshay(everlasting) Daan (donation) was organized at various places be it streets, villages or cities; so as to provide contentment and coolness to the people who are tired with the intense heat in Vaishakh Hindu month...

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