Shriji Journey
Journeys 2015

Dahod, Dhanpur

January 2015

The unpretentious and innocent tribal people of Dahod and Dhanpur welcomed Shriji in their local language singing songs and dance performance. A huge Bhandara(offering food to poor people) programme was arranged in which people of all ages from children, adults to old people were involved. In addition to distributing...

Visnagar (Gujarat)

April, 2015

Filled with the lush green fields of saunf, is the land of Visnagar (Gujarat)! As if the nature has spread its lush green coloured blanket. Established by King Vishal dev, in this copper city a big bhandara took place under the aegis of Prernamurti Shriji on 13 th April 2015. With Shrijis sight and spiritual discourse...

Chanod (Gujarat)

7th May, 2015

Far away from the crowd, in divine serenity, in Badrikashram located on the banks of Narmada, Shriji along with revered Maiyaji went there for seclusion. Looking at the crowd of disciples, it seemed that discourse was arranged and preplanned, though nothing was planned. It is the miraculous magnetic attraction of Shriji...


30th July, 2015

On one hand, God Indra was showering rains, whereas on the other hand Shriji was showering her blessings on the disciples. On the auspicious occasion of Guru Poonima, in the Terapanth hall of Surat, several disciples listened to the discourse of Shriji on importance of a spiritual master and spiritual knowledge...


5th Sep, 2015

Early morning during sunrise, Shriji gave darshan to the disciples in Ahmedabad and then started for Dahod. There Shriji was welcomed through a dance by the natives of Dahod. After that discourse started wherein disciples from various other distant villages also came....

Udhana (Surat)

4th Oct, 2015

Look at God and his beautiful nature!! Look at the hidden wonders of nature and increase your devotion and love for God, this itself is Sadhana (spiritual exertion) and worship. Fire is hidden inside a match, but until it is struck against a suitable surface, even if it is kept as it is for crores of...

Bardoli (Gujarat)

8th Oct, 2015

Famous people and saints are like the rainy cloud which instead of staying at one place keeps on moving from one place to another, covering all streets and villages and cities for benefit of one and all. Just like wherever the rainy clouds go we find greenery all over. The streams and ponds will be filled...

Durga Ashtami

21st Oct, 2015

On the auspicious day of Gurupurnima, disciples gathered from various parts of India and abroad, worshiped their Spiritual Master Shriji. Shriji, who has attained the ultimate stature of spiritualism, showered her blessings on the devotees through her discourse. Devotees got the blessings not only internally...

Sharad Poornima

26th Oct, 2015

On Sharad Poonima, discourse was organized in Ahmedabad from morning 9 to 10.30 and in Gandhinagar at night from 10.30 to 12.30. At night, when disciples were doing meditation while lying down and performing trataka (staring at a single point) on moon, they were blessed enough to get the benefit of trataka in the...

Mumbai, Ulhasnagar

17th Nov, 2015

In this three day journey, disciples of Mumbai, Ulhasnagar, Nashik, Pune were blessed with the darshan and discourse of Shriji. In the discourse Shriji preached that In the earth, lots of treasures, diamonds, gold and other precious metals are hidden inside; similarly lots of energy is hidden inside every person, every...

Prerna Divas

15th Dec, 2015

This year also, Shriji, on her birthday, firstly worshiped Maiyaji and then gave alms to the poor people wherein meals, clothes, blankets and other necessary things were distributed. After that, Shriji arrived at the Rangmanch Hall of Gandhinagar Sector -11, where huge discourse program was organized by the disciples...

Prerna Tirth Yatra

25th Dec to 4th Jan 2016

PrernaTirth Yatra was organized in Saurashtra. A memorable spiritual journey wherein pilgrims, along with the darshan of sacred places (tirth), got the golden opportunity to be in auspicious company of Shriji, listen to the discourses and do kirtan of Gods name. The PrernaTirth Yatra commenced on 25.12.2015 morning 9 am from...

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