Shriji Journey
Journeys 2012

Spiritual Discourse

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Citizens of Dubai experienced the divine power that the eyes of saints have through Shriji’s eyes. One child while taking Shriji’s darshan saw everything happening around in Shriji’s eyes like a mirror and described the same to everyone. People were amazed at this miracle. One famous photographer also told of his experience...

Spiritual Discourse

Ghaziabad, UP

The life of a human comes to an end one day but his desires never end. Then why not desire for good things like providing service to God, chanting his holy name, etc. which will help to lead a happy, healthy and contented life....

Holi Mahotsav

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Shriji says Holi conveys the message to forget the past, stop worrying about the future and live in your present. So from now onwards, start a new life and live a happy and healthy life.....

Kanha Carnival

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Prernamurti Shriji, with her divine perception, always does work in a different style altogether. The Janmashtami Mahotsav Kanha Carnival celebrated in 2012 is evidence of Shriji’s creativity, divine perception. In this Kanha Carnival, people of Ahmedabad witnessed and enjoyed varied activities encompassing...

Spiritual Discourse

Kankroli, Rajasthan

Prernamurti Shriji while giving discourse said – The more the roots of a plant are inside the ground, the more that plant becomes strong and huge. Likewise, the more your mind takes refuge at the lotus feet of God or his beloved Saints; the more you become happy, content and progress on the spiritual path...

Spiritual Discourse

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Disciples of Nagpur welcomed Shriji in a unique way by arranging a huge rally program which covered main areas of the city and was concluded at the place where discourse was organized. People enjoyed chanting God’s names, doing Kirtan in the rally and also experienced divine happiness and contentment while...

Spiritual Discourse

Panched, Madhya Pradesh

From April to May 2012, the land of Madhya Pradesh became holy with the lotus feet of Shriji while Shriji was showering her blessings through discourses. While giving discourse Shriji said If a disciple does not leave his spiritual master midway but continues to take refuge at his master’s lotus feet, he...

Avtaran Divas

15th Dec, Ahmedabad

Disciples felt like God himself incarnated on this earth in the form of Shriji to give darshan. On Shriji’s birthday, a huge rally was organized in Ahmedabad on 14 th Dec 2012. On 15 th Dec morning, after discourse was completed, disciples lit diya and prayed for the long life of Shriji. Then Shriji went...

Maha Shivratri

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Everybody is aware how beneficial fasting is in Shivratri. Shriji while disclosing the significance of being awake on the night of Shivratri said Shivratri is called as Mokshadayini Ratri, Kalyanmayi Ratri. In the daytime, one becomes an extrovert while working and gets entangled in the materialistic things...

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