Shriji Journey
Journeys 2009

Mauritius Tour

September, 2009

Shriji went to Mauritius in the month of September, but people of Mauritius felt like it was a New Year for them because after listening to Shriji's discourse one's life gets filled with new energy, enthusiasm and happiness.Just one discourse of Shriji held in the temple of Mauritius was enough to make people happy, contended and relieve their...

Spiritual Discourse

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Students understood the importance of concentration, hard work, dedication, prayer from the instances of great personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Napolian Bonaparte etc. through Shriji's discourse. Shriji said that students should increase their concentration power with the help of meditation...

Prerna Divas

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

On all the auspicious occasions, diya or candle is lit, not blown off. On the occasion of birthday; cutting cake, blowing out the candles and saying Happy Birthday is western culture. On ones birthday, one should get up early in the morning and prostrate before his parents, spiritual masters by touching their feet, lit diya...

Spiritual Discourse

Thane, Maharashtra

Discourse was organized for two days in Thane where disciples gathered in large numbers. Shriji said like the sun which sets in evening, our life also comes to an end one day. So, why not strive to attain God Realization when alive!! We can attain God Realization only in human birth by doing good deeds and providing service to God...

Spiritual Discourse

Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

Sun gives light to all, be it animate or inanimate thing, men or women, young or oldpeople. Similarly, God showers his blessing on everyone. So, we also should keepaway from attachment aversion, treat everyone equally and move ahead on the path of self-realization...

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