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Sahityam (E-Book)
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Kshitij ke us par

There comes a time in every person’s life when he is caught in turmoils, devastating problems. He is surrounded by frustration, despair, disquiteness, troubles etc. He remians in a dilemma what to do & what not to do, he needs.

Jivan Ke Rang

Husband & wife are roots of the family tree which can grow successfully only if properly watered. What to do or how to benefit in day to day chores or what to follow as per the shastras, this book Jivan.

Happy Birthday

All of us celebrate our birthdays by blowing off candles happily. Much craze for birthday celebration is among children. This book, Happy Birthday is all about How to make the new day full of brightness & how to attain a…

Prabhu! Mein Tera

Prabhu Main Tera just three words. These days we humans are surrounded by fear, uncertainty & grief. We are covered from all sides with selfishness, greed lust etc. In this scenario only these 3 words can lead us towards the…

Lau se Lau Jale

Real happiness & prosperity is only attained by following steps of saints, fakirs & masters who have attained enlightment. Only they can guide us. Only by attending their sermons, hearing their divine orations & imbibing it in our life can…

Answer to Life

The Bhagavad Gita is one of the greatest Religious Spiritual Book. Considered to be a doctrine of universal truth, it has long been influencing people not only of India but also overseas. Bhagavd Gita shows path to the lost, answer to the…

May the Whole World Glitter Jag Mag ho Sara Jahan

“One diya for pure mind One diya for internal enlightenment One diya for wisdom Glitters the whole world”- Prernamurti Bharti shriji Dipawali which is being celebrated on the occasion of victory of Lord Rama over the demon Ravana, conveys the…

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