Shriji Sharanam
Shriji With Kids /
Shriji always pays special attention towards kids and it becomes memorable even for them. Shriji seems to be like a child among the children. No matter how much you’re grown up there always resides a child within you. Kids are the future of any nation so it is our responsibility to show them the right path at the right time.
Kids should not be forced to do any task without lack of interest rather let them focus on the task with complete concentration, attention, judgement , knowledge and wisdom. Hence Shriji’s interaction with kids comprises these all qualities with practical examples and joyful activities. Kids learn and enjoy every moment with Shriji.
Being Women /
India has always honoured the spiritual role of women and the feminine principle. We can observe this in the widespread worship of the Goddess in numerous forms starting with Durga, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Parvati and Kali, along with their many temples and sacred sites. The Sanskrit word Shakti can be translated as meaning “power or energy” It is derived from the parasmaipada verb root ‘shak’ which means ‘to be able’ ‘to do’ ‘to act’ This power is witnessed in all the various phenomena of life. Shakti is manifest as the very affective ability of all the forces of nature. In human beings, she is seen as the power of intelligence (buddhi), compassion (daya) and divine love (bhakti), among her many other functions. Shriji says that Stree is that dynamic energy that is responsible for creation, maintenance, and destruction of the universe as without Shakti, nothing in this universe would happen and they are extremely more powerful than they believe.
Ramnavmi/Janmashtami/ Budhpurnima is celebrated for one day while Navratri is celebrated for 18 days in a year.Woman is always a centre of infinite energy. She is the source of all wisdom, gracefulness, sweetness, tenderness. The Universal Mother is the deity or energy behind the country, its art, culture, Yoga and spirituality.
That Shakti can bless all of us, but only if we honour it in our society and in our own families. Shriji peps up the girls and ladies with confidence, motivation and passion to unleash their potential and inspire them to move out of powerless-ness and limitation, and into the fullness of who she is as a human being.She always stresses that a Woman herself is enough for anything while a man could be complete or successful only with support of a woman in form of mother/wife/sister or friend. Woman is a power of service, sacrifice and sharing not of domination and exploitation.Shriji also supports women seeking employment opportunities.
Shriji Benevolence /
Shriji Oneness With Nature
Shriji loves to be amidst nature and inspires us to discover the true happiness with splendid beauty of nature. Nature contains regression and progression, creation and destruction. Shriji emphasizes on the supremacy of almighty who is behind creation of nature. Shriji while practising austerity, usually tries to be in the lap of Mother Nature as much as possible. She mostly takes bath in holy rivers like Ganga/Narmada even in chilled winters. Infact she says that we should get drenched in rains rather than running away as the cloud showers water from various pilgrimages. .
She prefers to stay in bamboo hut dabbed with cow dung instead of concrete house. Shriji treats everyone equally be it humans, animals, birds or plants. She loves and plays with all the birds and animals right from parrot, peacock, squirrel, monkey, and tortoise, cow to tiger, elephant, lion and even poisonous snakes. Shriji also started the Haritkranti initiative to grow and gift plants to each other instead of gifting flowers or inanimate things on auspicious festivals/ occasions.
Shriji As Vendatist
It is from Shriji’s direct experience and understanding that she has simplified the essential message of Vedanta, making it easier for disciples to comprehend, assimilate and evolve. For each individual – child, young or old - she packages the divine knowledge differently for each segment in her own inspiring and joyous ways.
She emphasizes that Vedanta does not say that one should detest the world or forsake his duties but perform all duties with a spirit of non-attachment and dedication to the Supreme being.
Shriji As Archer
Shriji has taken self-lessons in the art of bow and arrow and soon acquired high knowledge in archery. Shriji says that the firmness of a person’s resolve makes him great. Without a firm resolution, you cannot achieve anything. As a disciple, one should make Him the only goal of life. For this one requires integrity, devotion and singular and earnest love for Him. When love will reach its completeness- its saturation point, merger of the self into Supreme, will become easy and simple..
Shriji As Artist
The devotional aspect of Shriji’s teachings is deeply etched in her innumerable musical renditions – some of which she has composed herself, making her an extremely inspirational singer and composer. As a laudable devotional singer, she has recorded several albums with original music and lyrics whose words have come from soul consciousness which could awaken some people the love that resides within the soul of all men and women. Her unique composition- Achyutaya Govindaya Namah has helped people easing out from their ailments and depressions.She is a contemporary composer, violinist, photographer, and a multi-disciplinary artist.
Shriji As Leader
An ideal leader is a combination of a raja and a rishi – like a raja he is active, dynamic, taking decisions related to governance affecting a large sect, and like a rishi he is a philosopher, wise and knowledgeable. Being an embodiment of inspiration, Shriji with all these qualities , guides people by being among them, talking to them.and has inspired a wave of service based on spirituality through a huge body of volunteers, who are driving these projects forward in critical areas around the globe. She empowers not only those who directly come in contact with her but also transmits this energy into disciples too to empower those who come in contact with them. As a visionary, she is able to see certain things that other people are missing and she puts them together for achieving certain higher goals. Her pragmatic teachings are a great source of guidance for innumerable people from all walks of life leading to the clarity of mind and purpose
Shriji As Annapurna
According to Hindu scripts, Devi Annapurna is worshipped as deity of nourishment. She is the devi of sustenance in our life. On similar lines, Shriji lays emphasis on nobody going without eating food whoever comes to meet her or to visit ashram. She in fact starts her day daily by feeding cows and birds. Under her inspiration, Shriji has started Annashetra on banks of Narmada river where devotees come on a daily basis to have free meals. Shriji also stresses on not wasting food and consuming whatever we get on our plate.
Shriji As Mentor
Shriji is more than a knowledge giver- she is an empathetic listener and counsellor, too. It is a known fact that without guidance our legs stumble along the path we take in life. To make our journey easier to cover and enjoy our life, Shriji ministers with compassion and insight and above all by being non-judgmental. Listening and imbibing her spiritual discourses leads everyone to find strength and a new direction to lead life. At any step when emotions of doubt and apprehension cloud our mind a quick communication with her can make all the difference to resume action. Shriji listens to our spoken words and unspoken feelings with her beautiful smile.Shriji with all her capacities renders full help to the disciple, in accordance with the disciple’s nature. She never imposes her teachings onto the disciple but just sows the seed, which grows according to the divine nurturing from within.
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