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Satprerna was very happy to announce the launch of free online Masttshaala 2020 webseries for kids which was loaded with fun, exciting stories and surprises. The series was a huge hit amongst thousands of children sitting at home during this tough time of Covid19 where children learnt a lot from this while having fun at the same time. This series has been created with the guidance and inspiration of renowned saint and motivational orator Prernamurti Bhartishriji, who truly believes that children are the future of a Nation and therefore it is imperative to focus on their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

Our day to day lives have become very stressful due to the complex nature of the society.This has created a placebo effect and nowadays even children are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress.They are constantly under a pressure to perform and achieve results as per the ‘success barometer’ set by the society.However, this is not a healthy trend as children tend to lose their natural spontaneity.Children should behave like ‘children’. Having the qualities of inner joy, fearlessness and courage will make their childhood enjoyable and also memorable.Gaining knowledge and education is an integral part of childhood. However, when learning is acquired forcefully, it becomes drudgery. Therefore, the right set of values and skills should be imbibed in children so that they are passionate about learning and also develop their capabilities in different spheres of life.

At Masttshala,the focus was on unleashing the hidden potential in a child. We encouraged the child to develop their physical strength, mental resilience, emotional tenacity, intellectual capacity and spiritual outlook.

#Masttshaala 2020 web series, Being Multitalanted", Season-I was streamed live every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Season 1 is a compilation of 13 episodes. Each episode was a unique creation in itself!

A brief outline of the episodes
  • 1
    prernamurti 2018

    One of the most loved Gods of Hindus, Lord Ganesha is the God of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

  • 2
    prernamurti 2017

    The Pandavas are the five acknowledged sons of Pandu and central to the epic of Mahabharata.

  • 3
    prernamurti 2016

    Lakshmi Bai is remembered for her valour during the Indian Mutiny of 1857–58. During a siege of the fort of Jhansi, Bai offered stiff resistance

  • 4
    prernamurti 2015

    Sudama was Lord Krishna's classmate and a very intimate friend. Lord Krishna was a King. Sudama was an impoverished poor Brahmin.

  • 5
    prernamurti 2014

    Ekalavya is a character from the epic The Mahābhārata. He was a young prince of the Nishadha, a confederation of jungle tribes in Ancient India.

  • 6
    prernamurti 2013

    Hanuman is one of the central characters of the Hindu epic Ramayana.

  • 7
    prernamurti 2012

    The one mantra which Narada taught and which was effectively used by Dhruva was Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

  • 8
    prernamurti 2011

    Shivaji Bhonsale I, also referred to as Chhatrapati Shivaji, was an Indian ruler and a member of the Bhonsle Maratha clan.

  • 9
    prernamurti 2010

    Abraham Lincoln was an American lawyer and statesman who served as the 16th president of the United States from 1861 until his assassination in 1865.

  • 10
    prernamurti 2009

    Pratap Singh I, popularly known as Maharana Pratap, was a king of Mewar from the Sisodia dynasty.

  • 11
    prernamurti ram navami 2018

    Chanakya was an ancient Indian polymath who was active as a teacher, author, strategist, philosopher, economist, jurist, and royal advisor.

Satprerna Trust has been appreciated by various government officials mentioning that it came forward and showed its concern for children sitting at home at that time, when the entire world was fighting with this pandemic and no one had the time to think much about children. Apart from learning about our great Indian culture, our heroes of the past, be it a leader or freedom fighters, children learnt values too. They participated in all the activities very enthusiastically. Apart from children, parents too got the ideas about good parenting which is certainly the need of the time being a huge contribution to the society & nation as well. This nice concept of inculcating moral values with wonderful way of educating children through fun and learn method with creative activities, useful tips, tasks and attractive games was really fantastic. We would be happy to add these kind of Projects in our academics too. We look forward to "Masttshaala Season- II" and wish more sessions like this for overall development of children.
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