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Children are known for innocence and enjoyment at the same time parents complain about their mischief. Shriji initiated Masttshaala-2020 a unique summer camp for the children to develop their inbuilt qualities, a dynamic course consisting of activities, games and tales and served in stipulated constraints. Children learn with lots of fun and discover their inner hidden capabilities. Masttshaala helps children to explore themselves and realise the hidden talent beneath their heart.

Shriji believes restrictions or limitations can never teach children to a greater extent. Masttshaala ensures enjoyment along with learning hence IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient)are achieved in true sense. Vedic Summer Camps (Masttshaala)

Ascent of Life camps are conducted in several established and reputed educational institutions. They are also offered in municipal schools, small schools set-up in slum areas, orphanages, etc. These Vedic summer camps are organised for children to utilize their summer vacations efficiently under the guidance of a coach. Good habits are taught in a playful manner like avoiding junk food and eating nutritious food, helping mothers in household chores, planting trees, serving grandparents, practising alms giving. Important tips for students

How to boost memory power?

Daily after taking bath, worship sun God by offering water (Arghya) in a copper mug and do Bhramari pranayama. Daily morning chew 5-7 leaves of Tulsi on an empty stomach and then drink a glass of water. Do not pluck Tulsi leaves on Sunday. Soak 2 Almonds (Badam) at night, in morning grind them, boil along with milk and then drink it. Milk should be consumed only after 2 hours of consuming Tulsi leaves)

How to improve concentration?

Trataka means staring or concentrating on a single point like Deepak (lamp), Swastik or Om without shaking your Drishti(focused gaze). Concentration can be improved by observing Mauna (Silence) once in a week. Meditation, Yogasana and Omkar japa (chanting) also helps in improving concentration.

How to perform well at examinations?

While leaving for exams from your home, be enthusiastic, confident and tension free. Apply Tilak on the forehead. When you get the question paper, calm down for 2minutes and pray to your God/Gurudev and then start answering. First solve the easy questions and then the tough ones. If you forget anything while answering, then relax for 2 minutes and touch the tip of your tongue to the palate, which will help to recollect..
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