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Makar Sakranti - Barkal, Gujarat 16th Jan, 2018

Festivals mean days to celebrate or being happy… on such days, everyone spends time with their dear ones, friends & relatives and share their joy with them. But, in this whole world, its only the Saints or Great men, who treat the whole world as their own family….’Vasudev Kutumbakam’.”

On the auspicious day of Makar Sakranti, where on one hand, few people enjoy and celebrate by flying kites, eat til & gud (sesame & jaggery). On the other hand, there are some, who even have to work hard for two ends meet. H.H Shriji, from time to time, celebrates festivals amongst such people.On 16.1.18, there took place a grand scale Bhandara at Gurusthanam Ashram, Barkal Village, where Shriji distributed grains, til ladoo, clothes and many other necessary things to the needy. Though, these things would fulfill their requirement of worldly things for 15-20 days but, Shriji’s spiritual discourses or satsang and performing spiritual practices like singing devotional songs or Hari Naam Japa in Her divine presence, elevates life of people forever. So, when these people got life essential things alongwith spiritual treasure, they had a feeling of satisfaction or completeness in their hearts. Shriji advised them for their financial growth-“ Use fertilizer made up of cow dung or cow urine instead of urea, because there resides Goddess Laxmi in Cow dung, so when we mix cow dung in soil, the soil too returns wealth to us.”

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