Shriji Journey

Spiritual Discourse - Gandhidham, Gujarat 28th and 29th July, 2017

Shriji visited her maternal place after many years. On Shriji’s arrival after such a long interval caused the devotees rejoicing and enraptured that they couldnt hide their happiness and started jumping and dancing in joy. Devotees welcomed her by raining flowers at her. Shriji was also lavishing her sacred love and affection for them through her luminous eyes. In religious preachin which was organised after reception at twilight, Shriji said that you love your favourite diety and Guru so much that they cannot live without you and are forced to come to you by just single summon. Next day on 29-6-2017 Shriji visited the cottage of dada guru ‘Sai Shri Leelashahji Maharaj’. All the devotees heart, who worship & prays with great devotion and who bows their head on her lotus feet, became more respectful and gratituous towards her after seeing her visiting temple, paying tribute to her guru’s cemetry and offering prayers and flowers with full sentiments & tears. She also offered the rice pudding (Kheer) to her Guruji which was offered by her devotees with great affection. She also asked her devotees to read her guru’s preachings written in Sindhi language in his cottage and inspired to inculcate the same in their life.

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