Shriji Journey

Rishi Panchami - Ahmedabad, Gujarat 26th Aug, 2017

We are heavily indebted to ancient sages and gurus hence in our culture we worship them on every Gurupoonam and Rishi panchmi. Even though Shriji herself is a great sage but still she worships ancient sages every year. This year worshipping for big dipper (seven great sages) was performed at Shriji’s place in garden. There Shriji worshipped big dipper (seven great sages) on behalf of all the devotees and all the devotees worshipped mentally. When all the devotees who were sitting without having food or water from morning got the company of Shriji, they totally forgot about their thirst and hunger. In the middle of the prayer while explaining the importance of worshipping great sages mentally Shriji told in her natural speech – “When we imagine for big dipper (seven great sages) mentally they definitely come and accept our prayers – we should not be suspicious about this. Because if we imagine about lemon then it makes our mouth juicy, imagining about enemy disturbs our mind then worshipping the great sages mentally will get us their blessings and bring joy to our heart. Hence we should always worship great sages with great passion by imagining about them and calling them mentally. Like this Shriji performed prayers for all great sages with all rites and rituals and created adoration and respect in the hearts of all the devotees.

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