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Prerna Divas - Vadodara, Gujarat 15th Dec, 2017

On 15th December 2017, Gita Jayanti was celebrated on a large scale along with the incarnation day of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji, to make people aware of the significance of Gita, who have forgot it in today’s world. This auspicious event started with ‘elephant procession’, looking at which devotees became ecstatic. Devotees splendidly welcomed Shriji by clapping and doing Kirtan. In the company of Shriji, on a ground more than 5000 students wore paper hats with “Gita is ultimate scripture” written on it and disseminated the slogan “Gita is ultimate scripture”. During the discourse, while pursuing the vibrating speech of Shriji, thousands of devotees chanted the shlokas of Gita which instills fearlessness, courage, enthusiasm and success in life. They also took vow to chant the shlokas of Gita daily.


In the evening session, the unprecedented happiness of devotees was clearly visible because this year they have organized the incarnation day of their beloved Shriji with great enthusiasm and zest. Common man is born but great saints incarnate. For a common man to make his birth an incarnation, Shriji in her discourse said – “On birthday, people give blessings that – May you live thousand years and may each year be of thousand days. But instead of living for thousand years, one should complete the work of thousand years in the timespan one gets to live. Instead of living for 100 years while being selfish, living 1 day while being unselfish is equivalent to living for 100 years. The life of saints is for the welfare of others. They live for others and not for themselves; hence people wish that they should live a long life. Hence, we also should take inspiration from the life of saints and live exalted life for the welfare of others. Shriji sat on the crystal lotus after the discourse on the request of devotees. Devotees were overwhelmed with joy after getting such an unusual darshan of their beloved Shriji.”

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