Shriji Journey

Janamashtami Celebration, 15th Aug, 2017

“One religious cult, three noble cause” –Yes! This year in presence of Shriji both Janamashtami and Independence day was celebrated together in great style. Volunteers of the organisation with divine inspiration from Prernamurti Shriji remain awake whole night to prepare tricolor pots showing the message, “Addiction free India, Independent India and Butter day” behind which the main objective of Shriji was to pass on the message that our independent India should be addiction free. This pots filled with butter, rock-sugar and “Butter-day” pamphlets were distributed in all the temples of the city which inspired lot of people to give up on addiction. After this in the evening twilight, in holy presence of Shriji spiritual preaching, meditation and Matkiphod (breaking pot filled with butter & rock sugar) program along with various cultural events were conducted to welcome adorable Shri Krishna. This provided great opportunity to kids or adults or any age devotees to express their sentiments via drama and dance narrating Krishna’s life via pageant. After the completion of all cultural activities, in the end garba dance (folk dance in Gujarat performed around the goddess shakti statue) created the environment similar to Raas dance in Vrindavan. Devotion for Krishna was transmitted into all the senses of all the devotees who were present there. Their eyes were filled with tears of joy. Not only their physical body was dancing but their heart was also dancing in great.

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Mauritius Tour

September, 2009

Shriji went to Mauritius in the month of September, but people of Mauritius felt like it was a New Year for them because after listening to Shriji's discourse one's life gets filled with new energy, enthusiasm and happiness.Just one discourse of Shriji held in the temple of Mauritius was enough to make people happy, contended and relieve their...

Spiritual Discourse

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Citizens of Dubai experienced the divine power that the eyes of saints have through Shriji’s eyes. One child while taking Shriji’s darshan saw everything happening around in Shriji’s eyes like a mirror and described the same to everyone. People were amazed at this miracle. One famous photographer also told of his experience...

Prernatirth Yatra

30th Dec, 2017, Barkal

After attaining spiritual heights in the "Rest in Soul" camp, devotees also got the golden opportunity to get the divine company of Shriji in the spiritual tour "Prernatirth Yatra" wherein they went on pilgrimage to the sacred places situated nearby Barkal village. This spiritual tour was only for one day, but devotees prayed...

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