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GitaPrerna - Kutch, Gujarat 24th & 27th Nov, 2017

In the cantonment of soldiers of BSF in Kutch and CRPF in Gandhinagar, the significance of Bhagvat Gita was explained. Those who safeguard the nation at the cost of their life, GOD and saints themselves safeguard such soldiers. Prernamurti Shriji, who is always engrossed in public welfare, went to Kutch at the border of India Pakistan to meet the soldiers of BSF on 24.11.17 and CRPF on 27.11.17 for celebrating birthday of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, the precious speech uttered by Lord Krishna. After listening to the shoka of Bhagwat Gita – “nainam Chindanti shastrani – The soul(aatman) cannot be harmed by weapons” from Shriji which was similar to Shankhanad (blowing of Shanka – conchshell) of Lord Krishna, the soldiers were infused with tremendous courage, energy, enthusiasm and fearlessness. The collective chanting of ‘Omkara’ mantra and shlokas of Bhagavat Gita led by Shriji made the environment around sacred and vibrant. “To implement the supreme knowledge of Gita in daily life while doing ones own duties dutifully, one should bestow everything upon GOD alone “ – this divine message of Shriji increased the will power of soldiers. After listening to this and getting the blessings from Shriji, an affinity was developed between the soldiers, who always stay away from their friends and family, and Shriji. They were overwhelmed with happiness and felt that they got someone who is very near and dear to them.

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