Shriji Journey

Chaturmas 4th July to 31st Oct 2017

This period is called ‘Chaturmaas’ and marks a very important phase for spiritual development. ‘Chaturmas’ is the period for penance, sacrifice and the period for receiving the divine blessings of the Lord. During this period, every intelligent person should adopt spiritual restraint to advance on the path of spirituality and also to gain physical strength and vigour. Important – More information on ‘How can one derive benefits in the period of Chaturmaas’, can be found in the magazine titled ‘Prabhu Mein Tera’

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Mauritius Tour

September, 2009

Shriji went to Mauritius in the month of September, but people of Mauritius felt like it was a New Year for them because after listening to Shriji's discourse one's life gets filled with new energy, enthusiasm and happiness.Just one discourse of Shriji held in the temple of Mauritius was enough to make people happy, contended and relieve their...

Spiritual Discourse

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Citizens of Dubai experienced the divine power that the eyes of saints have through Shriji’s eyes. One child while taking Shriji’s darshan saw everything happening around in Shriji’s eyes like a mirror and described the same to everyone. People were amazed at this miracle. One famous photographer also told of his experience...

Prernatirth Yatra

30th Dec, 2017, Barkal

After attaining spiritual heights in the "Rest in Soul" camp, devotees also got the golden opportunity to get the divine company of Shriji in the spiritual tour "Prernatirth Yatra" wherein they went on pilgrimage to the sacred places situated nearby Barkal village. This spiritual tour was only for one day, but devotees prayed...

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