Shriji Journey

Bhandara - Arravalli, Gujarat 16th Oct, 2017

Huge feast for everyone was arranged in village Jamgad, District Aravalli. In the hot afternoon at 12 Shriji arrived at Jamgad village. Spiritual preaching and chanting of God’s name was arranged thereon. After that distribution of food & sacramentstarted. After the meal, Shriji herself distributed food (millet (bajra), rice, flourand cereals), clothes for all aged people, money and other useful things in daily lives like matchbox, cooking oil, jaggery etc.She was giving the clothes to small kids as per their choice. She not only gave external sacrament to poor and needy people but they also get spiritual sacrament and thereby enhance their eternal knowledge she used to ask them to chant God’s name repeatedly along with clapping the hands in the middle of the feast. Also, with her sweet smile she was distributing melodiousness to everyone’s heart. Prior to the feast during spiritual preaching, Shriji conveyed different ways to attain wealth and made everyone to take the strong will to get rid of the addictions by making them aware about its harmful results. At the end she distributed the book “Jagmag ho sarajahan” which contains process to perform Diwali Prayers and attain wealth.

When the poor and needy villagers who used to walk 10-10 kms to get 4 – 5 kg of grains got the eternal happiness of Diwali at their own place they couldn’t hide their tears of joy. Today all the people who came with sad face had happiness on their face. Villagers who came with empty hand filled their bags and hearts with joy from the court of Shriji. This way by showering her blessing Shriji filled thousands of lonely eyes with joy and happiness and made their Diwali blissful.”

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