Shriji Journey

25th & 26th August , 2016 – Janmashtami Varachha (Surat, Gujarat)

Devotees gathered in large numbers for Shrijis discourse program held for 2 days in Surat. On the first day, on the occasion of Janmashtami, Ratha-Yatra (Chariot festival) was organized in the divine company of Shriji wherein Shriji made the atheists also recite Jay Shri Krishna along with the devotees. After the Ratha-Yatra, discourse was held in afternoon and evening, post which Janmotsav (birthday celebration) of beloved Lord Krishna was organized at night. Devotees were overwhelmed with joy after getting prasad of Makkhan Mishri (Butter and crystal sugar), Nand Ghar Anand Bhayo kirtan and the Matkiphod program (breaking the clay pot) commenced by Shriji.Few people have also renounced their addictions in the auspicious company of Shriji at that night.

Second day was specifically organized for students. On this day, students from various schools participated in different competitions like Reciting shlokas of Bhagavad Gita, dance on incidents of Lord Krishnas life, fancy dress competitions, etc. in the auspicious presence of Shriji wherein students who stood first in the competitions received award from the lotus hands of revered Shriji. Also, all the students got the keys to success and development from Shrijis discourse.

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