Shriji Journey

28th April to 2nd May, 2016 Rishikesh, Haridwar (Uttarakhand), Delhi, Gurgaon

Disciples were feeling blessed with the darshan of Shriji on the holy land of Ganges. From 28th to 30th April, along with the devotees of India, people of Israel and various other countries also got a chance to be in the holy company of Shriji. Shriji preached the foreigners, who were searching for peace, the significance of observing Ekadashi fast, chanting Gods name, doing kirtan Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare…!! In these days, Shriji also took darshan of Dandi Swamiji and Tat Wale Baba; gave alms to the Rishis over there. The disciples residing on the banks of Ganges in Haridwar got the golden opportunity to listen to the discourse of Shriji on 01.05.2016

Next day, while travelling in train from Haridwar to Delhi; devotees of Ghaziabad, Rohini, Modinagar and various other places were blessed with the holy darshan of Shriji. Then discourse was held in Karol Bagh (Delhi) in morning and in Gurgaon in evening, finally Shriji arrived in Ahmedabad at night.

All the people who were drinking Sharbat were also reciting name of GOD. At the places where Prernamurti Shriji herself was present, at those places kirtan of GOD’s name was specifically organized. Also, Shriji herself listened to the problems of poor people and provided solution as well. Along with this, Satsahitya (sacred books) were also distributed by the volunteers of N.G.O. like – Aayushmaan Bhava (Tips to get rid of drug addictions), Ekadashi – Ek Mahan Taap, Answer to life ( Message of Gita), Prabhu Mai Tera (Bimonthly Magazine) , etc.

In this way, in this campaign which was led by the benevolent inspiration of Shriji, more than 1 lakh people across various parts of India were made happy and contented by providing them physical calmness by serving them with Palash Sharbat as well as mental calmness by asking them to recite GOD’s name.

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