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Prerna Tirth Yatra - 25th Dec 2015 to 4th Jan 2016

PrernaTirth Yatra was organized in Saurashtra. A memorable spiritual journey wherein pilgrims, along with the darshan of sacred places (tirth), got the golden opportunity to be in auspicious company of Shriji, listen to the discourses and do kirtan of Gods name. The PrernaTirth Yatra commenced on 25.12.2015 morning 9 am from Vatika, Ahmedabad – the abode of revered Maiyaji. Along with Shriji, all the pilgrims started for Bhavnagar, first pilgrimage site. After the discourse in Bhavnagar, Shriji along with the pilgrims took darshan of Nishkalank Mahadev, Tulsishyam and then reached Somnath. Shrijis discourses inspired the Trustees to give up their addictions.

During this pilgrimage, whenever kirtan used to start in the melodious voice of Shriji, along with the clapping of the pilgrims, all the area around used to become holy and sanctified with Hare Ram Hare Ram kirtan. The pujaris (Hindu priests) also got elated after experiencing the eternal happiness from the amazing kirtan, and wanted to touch the lotus feet of Shriji and take her blessings.

After taking darshan of Somnath, on 28.12.2015 evening, Shriji reached Gita Mandir. There also, while doing kirtan of Hare Ram Hare Ram, when Shriji uttered the shloka of Bhagwad Gita Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya and transmitted the divine energy through her eyes, Ashtasattvik bhav of pilgrims got awakened.

After Somnath, Shriji went to the forest of Sasan Gir and then went to Junagadh for solitude. On 28.12.2015, after completing the discourse in Veraval, Shriji arrived in Dwarkadhish temple. Further Shriji went to Bet Dwarka, and at the end of discourse, Shriji asked all the disciples to take a holy vow to promote Indian Culture. After that Shriji gave farewell to the pilgrims in Jamnagar; and further discourses were held in Gondal, Sandvaya and Rajkot. Finally Shriji reached Ahmedabad on 04.01.2016. In this way, along with discourse and darshan the Prerna Tirth Yatra ended happily.

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