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Spiritual Discourse, Gurgaon, Haryana, 2013

Hunger is a testimony of food, thirst characterizes water, the sunrays is a testimonial to the sun, cloth is a testimonial to cotton and thread. In the same manner, the search for bliss testifies God, that there is God somewhere. You are in search of that God. Your discontentment is a testimony that the happiness that you are searching for, is not there in any craving-lusty desires, not in any worldly illusions, not in any person-thing or situation, but it’s there in the divinity. When your quest will be complete, then your goal of attaining the blissful state would also be achieved.

Avtaran Divas, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 2013

This year birth anniversary celebrations started in the morning in Ahemdabad and concluded with spiritual discourse in the land of Modasa. Teaching everybody the super eminent way to celebrate one’s birthday Shriji said on your birthday feed the cow fodder and rotate her tail above your head, doing this helps in relieving one of all kinds of trouble. On the birthday while offering water to the Sun God expresses your greetings to your forefathers and asks for forgiveness from them because if forefathers are angry then your home will witness troubles, quarrels and disturbance. Family members may also have poor health, therefore one should pray to one’s forefathers for happiness-peace and fortune. On the birthday one should greet one’s parents and should circumambulate(pradakshina) around them. In this way inspiring everybody to make their birthday celebration divinely, Shriji concluded the Birth anniversary program.

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