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Shriji Charitam
Shriji is an ideal of complete abidance in truth, endless brightness that has come to kindle the light of righteousness in many hearts and immense simplicity with source of inspiration for all of us. A great visionary and a born leader who can lead everyone with innateness. An eloquent poet, writer and an orator by birth.
A Sympathetic merciful heart with lots of affection for all creatures who always takes care of the poor and needy compassionately. A strictly self-disciplined attitude devoted towards service without any excuse or personal pain or concerns. A versatile personality with great selfless ideas – Yuvacon for youths.
Shriji Darshanam


23rd February 2021
Jaya Ekadashi


27th February 2021
Maghi Purnima


27th February 2021
Maghi Purnima

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Prabhu Mein Tera
Bi-Monthly Magazine
Prabhu Mein Tera is a bimonthly magazine encompassing in-depth articles on various topics viz. Mind, Sewa, Sadhana, Yoga, Health, & etc. drawn from the Spiritual discourses of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji.. It also features the information about forthcoming festivals, events & programs. We also feel very blessed to announce that, we are adding another feather into our cap of ❝ Sewa ❞ by introducing E-MAGAZINE for our ❝ Prabhu Mein Tera ❞ family..
Available In: English, हिन्दी, ગુજરાતી, मराठी,

Shriji Prerna
The Depth of Wisdom

By Pujya Maiyaji

Spiritual path towards self realisation MAKING OF AN EFFORT TO COLLECT SCATTERED SENSES (vrattiyan) AND TO FOCUS ON ONE (Supreme Being) IS TRUE FORM OF SADHNA!|

Devotee: Maa! What is the goal of human life?

Maiyaji: The ultimate goal of human life is the realization of self. May you take one birth or thousands, but one has to achieve this goal..

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